Liturgical Ministries

Please see Volunteer Opportunities to learn how you can become involved in supporting our Liturgical Ministries.

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  • Tim Lewicki, Director of Music, Coordinator, Liturgical Ministries
  • Cathy Drummond, Director, Contemporary Choir
  • Laura Loker, Director, Teen Choir
  • Nichole Reynolds, Director, Young People’s Choir
  • Amy Godeaux, Administrative Assistant, Music Office


  • Mike Foley, Coordinator, Sunday Lectors
  • Annette Lewis, Coordinator, Youth Lectors
  • Holly Shaughnessy, Coordinator, Weekday Lectors

Mass Coordinators

  • Paola Encinas, Sacristan
  • Myra Hayde, Coordinator, Mass Coordinators

Additional Support

  • Lynn Pechiney, Coordinator, Altar Servers
  • Karen Bazin, Coordinator, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
  • Louie Sheffield, Coordinator, Ushers
  • Freda Mhetar, Coordinator, Art & Environment

Spanish Liturgical Ministry

  • Javier Aguilera, Coordinator, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
  • Patty Rodriguez, Coordinator, Lectors

Additional Ministries