Virginia Catholic Conference

Bishops’ Letter and Virginia Catholic Conference Resource Outline
Principles and Issues 
as Voters Prepare for Nov. 5 Elections

On November 5, voters across Virginia will elect members to all 140 seats in the General Assembly – 40 in the Senate and 100 in the House of Delegates. To help you prepare for these critical decisions, two vital resources are now available:

Pre-election letter by Bishop Burbidge and Bishop Knestout

Issues resource developed by the Virginia Catholic Conference

Please check out these voter education materials and share them with others, and be sure to vote on November 5!

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In prayer and in public, your voices are urgently needed to bring Gospel values to bear on vital decisions being made by those who represent you.

The Virginia Catholic Conference is the public policy agency representing Virginia’s Catholic bishops and their two dioceses. Please click here to view this on the web .