Prayer Tree

Parish Prayers for the Sick

In the bulletin, we have a list of names of people who are ill, for whom we offer prayers. To have a parishioner’s name or an immediate family member’s name added to the bulletin list for the newly sick, the sick person or a family member should contact Linda at the parish office (sicklist.parishoffice@ or 571-516-3140). Names will remain on the sick list for two months. You may contact us and renew the listing if this is appropriate.

Information that will need to be provided for a bulletin listing is:

  • The first and last name of the sick person.
  • Name, email and/or a phone number of the family member making the request.
  • The person’s relationship to the sick person (e.g., husband, wife, father, mother).
  • When the person became sick and what the nature of the illness is. This information is for the priests and pastoral care staff and will not appear in the bulletin.
  • Note that even if a person’s name is not on the list, we pray for all those with chronic or long-term illnesses for healing and strength from the Lord.

Parish Prayer Tree
We also provide information from the bulletin to our coordinator for the parish Prayer Tree which is an email-based notification system asking people who subscribe to the prayer tree as pray‑ers, to pray for those who are sick from the parish. Maureen Ford is the coordinator of this prayer tree. She receives our information on those requesting prayers and communicates it out to the pray‑ers.