We wish to congratulate you on your decision to marry not only out of love and friendship but out of the belief that what you plan is sacred and Christian.

Sacred because every wedding is a celebration of the love of a man and a woman dedicated not only to each other but also to a life of service to God and all people.

Christian Marriage is a special vocation. The mutual love of a married couple is meant to reflect the love which our Lord Jesus Christ has for his people. Christian Marriage is a permanent relationship which requires fidelity to your spouse and welcomes the possibility of children as an opportunity to be co-creators with God.

Getting Married at All Saints

To schedule a wedding at All Saints Catholic Church, at least one member of the couple must be a registered parishioner. A minimum six-month preparation program is required for Pre-Cana after first notifying a priest of your intention to marry. 

You are encouraged to call All Saints wedding coordinator Linda Gaynord as soon as you become engaged at 571-516-3140.

Wedding Music Information & Guidelines

The Office for Music and Liturgy is committed to assisting couples with the planning and selection of music for their ceremony. Couples are strongly encouraged to contact the music office immediately after the initial meeting with the priest or deacon that is doing the marriage preparation in order to discuss the procedures for securing musicians and making liturgical music selections. Please read the parish music policies below and contact All Saints regarding our Marriage Preparation Guide, Wedding Music List, and Wedding Music Planning Form.

The Office for Music and Liturgy
Mr. Tim Lewicki, Director of Music and Coordinator of Liturgical Ministries

All Saints Parish Wedding Music Policy

The music for your celebration should be carefully chosen, keeping in mind the solemnity of the occasion and the Church’s guidelines for music in the sacred liturgy. The music must be suitable for use in the Catholic Church, and priority must be given to the assembly’s sung prayer. The sung liturgical music must invite the participation of all present and not merely entertain. Therefore, no secular music may be used. It is your responsibility to contact the Director of Music before the wedding to arrange a music planning session. All Saints will provide a staff organist for your wedding. The stipend the organist receives helps to support his livelihood and organists from outside the parish are generally not permitted, except under extraordinary circumstances. In the event an outside organist is used, a bench fee of $150 must be paid to the Director of Music and the couple must still arrange a meeting for approval of all music and outside musicians.

Parish Cantor

A parish cantor is required for wedding liturgies to lead the assembly in those parts of the Liturgy that call for communal singing, and to serve as vocal soloist for selected solo vocal literature. Cantors from other parishes may be permitted with the approval of the Director of Music. In this case, cantors must be practicing Catholics, have proper vocal training, as well as experience with the Catholic liturgy. If the couple wishes to have a friend or relative sing for their wedding, and the singer possesses the requisite vocal training but not the necessary experience as a cantor, a parish cantor would still be required, but the invited singer may perform a prelude vocal solo and one piece during the wedding liturgy.


While the organ and piano will be the primary instruments at your wedding, instrumentalists, such as harp, strings, flute or trumpet can enhance the music for your wedding liturgy. These instruments may be incorporated into your wedding as an addition to, but not in lieu of the organ and piano. Please do not hire any outside musicians before meeting with the Director of Music. It is strongly preferred that couples use professional instrumentalists affiliated with our parish music program, as they perform regularly here and know the requirements of the liturgy as well as our customs.  All instrumentalists are subject to final approval of the Director of Music. Please note that the logistics surrounding multiple musicians such as arranging music, mailings, phone calls, e-mails and extra rehearsal time may incur extra stipends for all musicians involved. Many couples choose to make programs and worship aids for their guests, especially for those with non–Catholic guests. We encourage you to make a program for your wedding which will list the order of the ceremony and the wedding party. Sample programs are available upon requests, and programs can be done through a professional printing company, on your own, or through the music office (for an additional fee.)