New Spanish Hymnals

Last year the George Brent Council of the Knights of Columbus gave a generous donation to the parish, which was designated to help us purchase new Spanish hymnals. The current Flor y Canto (3rd edition) softcover hymnals are beyond repair. Just as we received the donation, we were informed that the 4th edition of the hymnal was being published. Since the cost of the hymnals was more than the donation, we are now soliciting funds from our parish community for donations that will have a memorial nameplate in a hymnal. We will purchase these hymnals and begin to use them on August 11.

You may also notice that the JourneySongs hardbound English hymnals are also in poor condition. We are grateful for a team of choir members who have repaired the spines/covers of these hymnals on a regular basis. We would like to replace them at some point, but we are mindful of a new translation that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) are preparing of the Lectionary (book of readings) that is used at Sunday Masses and are printed in the hymnal. We do not know exactly when such a translation will be promulgated. Until we can obtain further information on the road map for these translations, we are deferring the replacement of the JourneySongs hymnals.

Please treat all hymnals with care. Parents, please teach your children respect for the hymnals that are in the pews as they are needed for our worship of God. If you have any questions, or would like to make a contribution for a hymnal, please contact Director of Music Tim Lewicki (